The Tickster with the Tube

That’s what the moms are going to start calling me!  Mama C had to go back to work for a couple of days so it’s just been me and Mommy home together.  Yesterday I decided to play a little trick on her while I was napping.  I waited until she had checked on me once and then I pulled my Ng tube out so that the next time she came in it was already out and there was nothing she could do about it! I’m so funny!  Really it was just my ploy to go and see Mama C at work and it worked because the next thing I knew we were hanging out in Mama C’s office with some pretty cool other ladies, Roxann and Joanne.  In the end I think the joke was on me a bit because I forgot that I really don’t like having the Ng tube put back in, but Mommy is getting to be a pro and it was over before I even had a chance to scream.  It was the second day in a row that I got to visit Mama C at work and those were fun trips but I am glad that she’s just home with us now because it’s always more fun with three!

I also got to meet my Uncle Steve this week! Now this is a guy that I’m really going to like.  He’s been one of Mommy’s best friends for a loooong time and he keeps making jokes about being my daddy.  I know that’s not really the truth, but I’ll go along with it because he seems to think he’s funny.

I had my first shower yesterday.  It didn’t go well.  Until now I’ve been strictly a bath kind of girl, but I vomited after I ate breakfast and because we had to go see one of my doctor’s at Sick Kids, the mom’s said we were pressed for time, so I hoped in the shower.  I hated it!! I don’t really love having bath’s either but this was horrible! I screamed like someone had murdered 10 Ellie’s and was only happy again when I finally got wrapped up in my duckie towel.

Luckily I was back to my charming self when we finally saw the doctor.  I was just 7 days old when I had my first heart surgery and I was also teeny tiny (less than 4 pounds) because I was born early.  So because I was so small it was hard for the doctor’s to put a tube down my throat and when they did they nicked my left vocal chord.  For awhile I was the most pathetic baby around because I couldn’t make a sound, not even to cry! (All the nurses seemed to think that it was lovely though, I wonder why?)  My right vocal chord picked up the slack though and now my left one is all healed so I can scream away as loud as I want again.

I’m also rolling in style now thanks to my Auntie CC and Uncle Rico (and of course my favourite Thor).  On Sunday Auntie CC came by our house and dropped off more clothes (she says that I’m dangerous!) and then she gave the mom’s another card and they cried (well, Mama C cried, but she cries at everything!).  Then before I even had a chance to hang with Auntie CC, we jumped in the car and drove to this big shopping place where Mama C came out with an awesome new stroller!  It’s green and black and Mama C gets excited because it has “a really big basket”.  I love riding in it so far and everyone can’t stop talking about stylish I look (as if I didn’t already!).


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