Napping Queen

Mama C is trying to teach me how to nap. When I was at my foster mom’s house, I also had a foster sister who liked to scream for attention and so I could nap for more than 30 minutes without waking up. Since I’ve come home the mom’s have seen that I get so tired in the afternoons that I don’t know how to fall asleep so Mama C decided that for my sanity (and hers) that she would teach me how to nap. Mommy tells me that Mama C is a great napper so I know I’m in good hands. It hasn’t been easy because I’m a little stubborn but today was our best day yet so I think we’ll be okay.

I vomited up my tube again. My stupid reflux has been bugging me in the last few days and yesterday my nose tape was loose so when my lunch came out my nose, up so did my tube! Mama C decided that she needed to learn how to put my tube back in and even though she was really nervous she did it on the first try and I stopped crying as soon as she was done.

Mommy has been back to work this week so I’ve been missing her a lot. But for a treat Mama C took me Auntie CC’s so I could play with Thor & Gramma! Thor was really happy to see me and gave me a ton of hugs and kisses. He let me play with his bricks and Lightning McQueen and he even tried to let me have some of his watermelon (whatever that is!). When we were done, Mommy came to meet us and the three of us went to a place called “Managers Training”. All these nice ladies (and something called a Piro) hung around to tell me how cute I am (obviously) and told me that I could come swimming at their pools (they might change their minds if they heard me scream during my bath!). They also said that they liked my blog (because I’m awesome) which means they have good taste. Then today Grandma & Grandpa came to visit for dinner and then I think Uncle Jeff came by too but I was pretty tired by then so it might have been a dream.

This week I’m going to have a lot more adventures to tell you about. On Monday, a lady from Children’s Aid is coming for my first post-placement visit and Mee Maw is going to babysit me for the evening. On Thursday we are all going to visit my birth parents because they want to see how I’m doing and to meet the mom’s. On Saturday Mama C is taking me on something called a picnic with Auntie CC, Thor and some new friends and then on Sunday I’m going to my very first party just for me! It’s a good thing I’m getting so good at napping so that I can keep up with my very busy social life!


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