More Love

I  realized today that I am a very lucky girl.   Most kids in the world are lucky enough to have 2 parents who really love them and that’s really amazing, but in my tiny little world, I get 4 parents who love me more than anything.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my birth parents.  I think that deciding to give me up for adoption, so that Mama C and Mommy could love me too, was a really hard decision for them to make and even though they are sure that they made the right decision, it’s still hard for them to not feel guilty and sad.   When I was just in my birth mom’s tummy, they found my heart problem and the doctor told her that I might have DS but Birth Mom and Birth Dad decided that they didn’t want to know for sure until I arrived.   In the end, I showed up a whole month early and had to be delivered by C-Section –  I was getting too tired to move because my heart was so sick.  When I showed up and my heart was so bad and they could tell for sure that I had DS, Birth Mom and Birth Dad thought really hard about what they could do to make my life the best that it could be.   They just weren’t sure that they could handle all of my quirky qualities and they were pretty sure that they wanted to find me an amazing new home but they took a lot of time to think about it and really be confident in the decision they were making.   They stayed with me in the hospital through my very first surgery (when I was only 7 days old!) and then came back to visit me on Christmas eve and in January, before I went to live with my foster family.   Then, when it came time to pick my new home, they told my adoption workers that they wanted to help pick my new family and out of all the choices they were given, they picked the mom’s!

At first my Birth Mom and Birth Dad thought that seeing me would be way too hard and they would only want to see pictures of me once a year, so we thought that today was going to be a goodbye visit – a kind of sad visit,  but then after spending time with me and the mom’s and seeing what a great family we make,  I think that they’re able to really see that they made the exact right choice.  I think seeing me so happy with the mom’s helped them to see that I’m going to be okay (better than okay!) and now hopefully they won’t feel so bad.

So, I really am a lucky girl.  I’ve got the mom’s who love me and tell me all day long.  I’ve got Birth Mom and Birth Dad who love me so much that they helped to find me the best home in the whole world.  I’ve got a foster mom who took amazing care of me and helped me grow into the strong girl I am today, and then I have my adoption workers, Jacquie and Alexis who all helped bring me home to the right house.  Mama C always says “it’s never a bad thing when there’s more love” and I think that’s just about right.


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