Showered with Happiness

You know, a while ago I predicted that I was going to be very popular.  I had no idea how true that was going to be!!

Yesterday morning, the mom’s were fussing all about – taking long showers, putting on make-up (well Mama C was) and then they fed me a little early and put me in a beautiful dress (it was pink and tasted delicious!).  We got all bundled up in the car and when they took me out again, we were at a big party all for me!  My Theresa (cause I’m still thinking up a good nickname for her) had organized a shower so that all of the people in the mom’s lives could come and meet me and see for themselves just how adorable I am (because sometimes it’s hard to tell from the pictures).  I don’t know what happened to the mom’s because I didn’t really see them for the next few hours.  All of these people kept stealing me away and told me how pretty I looked and how lucky the mom’s were that I had come along.  Some of them tried to make me smile, but I wasn‘t used to all of these people, so I didn’t really know what to do – I’ll have to work on smiling on command. But it was just an amazing day because I got to see all of the people that I already know and love (the Grandma’s, Auntie CC, Theresa – even Joey for a little bit, Auntie Marina and Mee Maw and Auntie Madison) but then I got to meet all of these NEW people (I didn’t even know there could be so many people!) – I really loved Natalie, because she held me and just let me sleep in her arms (I was a bit tired with all of this excitement).  I love my second cousin Alex, even though I tricked her and kept crying everytime she got to hold me.  I got to meet all these ladies called “The Aunts” who my Mama C loves very very much (and Connie too – Mama C loves her too and especially the clothes she makes).  And then there were all of the friends that the mom’s have – some that Mommy has known since she was just 9 years old!

I already had thought that it was a great day and then I saw all of the presents too! All of these people, who I was already excited to meet, all brought presents too!  I just can’t believe how lucky I am! I got soooo many clothes (I’m going to be well dressed until I’m 2!), and a whole lot of books (which is good because I love my bedtime stories) and then toys and toys and more toys!! My Grandma E even made me 2 beautiful quilts – one that’s like Mommy and one that’s like Mama C.  I can’t wait to be able to snuggle into them and have some cuddle time with her.  And Gramma T gave me a gift card to Toys R Us so that I can go shopping! She must know that I’m already like Mama C and I love shopping very much.

I was really tired by the time we all got home but even still, I sat with Jason and Theresa and let them feed me, while the mom’s got ready to go out for their big double date night (to dinner and somewhere called Glee – I didn’t get it either, because if they wanted Glee they could have just stayed home with me).  And I got to hang out with Mee Maw and Auntie Madison all night and that was the best way to end my amazing day!


One thought on “Showered with Happiness

  1. Lily – you are one very special and beautiful little girl. I’m not sure who’s luckier. You because your Mom’s love you even more than you know, or your Mom’s because they finally have you in their lives. Either way – you all filled the missing piece in each other’s lives. I can’t wait to meet you! I couldn’t make it to your party since I was away but I’ll meet you soon!

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