Surprise Surprise!

I`m not really liking the mom`s right now.  I had a really long day today: first I woke up around 5am because in my sleep I managed to pull the tube out of my nose, but not all of the way out so it was really uncomfortable.  Mama C woke up and pulled the rest of it out for me and then we both went back to sleep for a little bit.  But only a little bit, because not even an hour later Mommy woke me up again so that we could get ready to go to Sick Kids for my pre-op visit – but not before we had to put the tube back in.

When we got to Sick Kids, the very first place the mom`s took me was to get some bloodwork done, so even though I already had 2 needles yesterday, the mom`s made me get MORE! I was not a happy camper when the (very nice) technician wrapped the elastic band around my arm and even more so when he stuck me with the needle (don`t they know that I need that blood?).  Next I had to go and get a chest x-ray and that meant sitting in a big tube while they took pictures of me, but I really didn’t like the tube, especially since I was finally just happy from the bloodwork again.  Then we went upstairs to the cardiac wing, where we waited a lot in between seeing the nurse who told us all about staying at the hospital, the doctor who explained exactly how they’re going to fix my heart and then the anesthetist who told the mom’s all about how they will put (and keep) me asleep and what to expect after my surgery because I’m going to have a lot of tubes coming in and out of me).

Finally the mom’s decided that we could go home and I was so tired that I slept almost all of the way in the car and then had a big long nap in my crib – Mommy even had to wake me up for my 4pm meal because I was still sleeping.  I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep through it; Mama C had a long nap too and she got to keep sleeping.

We took a quick walk with my dog Ellie, down to the baseball park so that we could watch Telly and Ally play softball, but I got tired and hungry so that mom’s took me home and got me all settled in for bed.  But just as I was nodding off, I heard Mommy on the phone telling someone that it would be okay if we did my surgery tomorrow instead of Tuesday.  I didn’t really care too much, because I was happy rocking in Mama C’s arms but suddenly the mom’s were hurrying around the house: getting bags packed, calling people, just trying to get organized.  I didn’t mind because I was still sleeping but soon that would stop too.  Before I knew it, Mommy was waking me up (again! twice in one day is a mean thing to do!), taking off my diaper and giving me to Mama C.  For a minute I thought we were just going to cuddle, but I knew something was bad when she kept whispering “I’m sorry” in my ear.  Then, like a really bad surprise, I was in the bathtub!! It was so late and I was so tired that I barely knew what to do with myself – I was actually really quiet for a while and the mom’s said they were always going to wake me up and bathe me, but to show them I started screaming soon.  The nurse told the mom’s that I had to have a bath with special soap and then very clean pajamas before I go for my operation.

So, we finally finished up and Mama C rocked me back to sleep while Mommy went to bed too.  Mama C is staying up a little bit longer so that I can have one last meal before tomorrow.  I think she’ll be posting about my surgery throughout the day tomorrow, but don’t worry – I’m totally tough and I’ll sail through this surgery and see you all when I wake up!


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