Beautiful Beautiful Brown Eyes…

For the first time in 4 days I got some amazing eye contact with our little Lily.  After her Echocardiogram this afternoon she was very agitated and after some bum patting and an off-key rendition of Beautiful Boy by John Lennon, she was finally settled and very awake for the first time in days.  I switched sides of the bed and there we both sat, for a good 10 minutes, just chatting and singing and soaking in those gorgeous eyes that I’ve missed so much.

There wasn’t a lot of movement on the ventilator front: her oxygen levels still keep dropping when they try and lower the oxygen pressure, so they’re just doing it a lot slower than they had expected to.  Her catheter is out though and the milking tubes that were draining fluid from her chest have been replaced by much smaller drains and the internal temperature line came out as well (although when they’re doing her temperatures rectally now, I’m sure she wishes it was back in).  We even got to do a diaper change (this will probably be the only time that I’m excited about changing diapers).   The new goal is to be upstairs in the cardiac wing before the weekend, so we can all have a relaxing weekend with just our little family in one room.  Plus, if we’ve moved upstairs then it means that we’ll probably get to hold her too and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I want to be able to do that.  4 days with no Lily snuggles is way too long.


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