Aaaand we’re back…

I think you guys totally missed me.  I totally missed you.  Well, really I missed being conscious, but you guys are generally included in that.

I’m back! Very very early this morning, before the mom’s even showed up at the hospital, the people who always wear masks came and yanked my breathing tube out of my mouth.  I am so happy that they did that – now I can cry again (even though right now I can’t really cry and I’m just making sad noises that sound like the cat when she’s mad at my dog Ellie).  For a while they put me in this big brown hood thing that had nice air streaming into it but it was super weird because the only thing I could hear was Mama C talking about some guy named Luke and his father.  I totally didn’t get it.

For a while this morning they kinda left me alone with just Mama C to hang out and sleep, but when I woke up Mama C had gone to get some lunch and the people in the masks were piling stuff on my bed!  I tried to cry and tell them that I wasn’t a big fan of sharing such a little space, but they didn’t listen and just kept piling more stuff on.  Then they poked me with (another) needle and gave me some more morphine to help me stay relaxed, but I just kept crying.  I calmed down a little bit when Mama C came back, but she just let them pull the sides of my bed up and start walking (so much for being on my side!).  I told them that I wanted to stay in the CCCU, that I was really happy with all of the 1 to 1 attention I was getting there but it seems that my opinion means very little around here (but I showed them, don’t worry).

Finally, after walking down a long hallways, turning lots of corners (these guys are NOT good drivers) and going into an elevator, we ended up on 4D, which is where we came on the very first day that Mama C and Mommy brought me for my surgery.  I saw the nice nurses who still remembered me and welcomed me back.  They were being so nice and making my bed so nice and cozy for me (they even used the blankets that the mom’s had brought from home!) that I almost felt a little bad for the fact that I was still crying and getting really really upset.  They even made the doctor come in because my colour was looking a little funny and then everyone was all around me trying to give me bum pats and stroke my hair to make me calm down.  Eventually they figured out that I was running a big fever and that’s why I was so cranky, so they gave me some tylenol and some ibuprofen and then, finally, they gave me to Mommy who sat down with me in a rocking chair and finally got some snuggling time in.  After a little while, Mommy and Mama C traded places and I calmed down even more….for a few minutes at least until one of those mask people came and started poking at me again.  It took them a long time to get all the things done that they wanted because I was so upset, but eventually I feel asleep and let them get thier work done.

Mommy and I let Mama C go on a nice long break this afternoon (I didn’t understand why should would want a break from me – I just woke up! But Mommy explained that she just needed a break from the hospital).  When she got back, her hair was all different and so she and I just hung out for a little while and I stared at her and her hair until I decided to go back to sleep.  I overheard one of the nurses saying that they were going to put back in my catheter for a little bit so that they could do a sample and see if my fever is being caused by an infection somewhere, so I decided that I would rather be asleep that unpleasent procedure, so I said goodnight to the mom’s and drifted back off.  The best part is that I can sleep super well tonight because I know that I get to snuggle with the mom’s again!  It’s good to be back.


One thought on “Aaaand we’re back…

  1. I’m so happy to hear that news….. you and Jess must be so relieved and happy!
    Love all around! Keep the good news coming!

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