Lily and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I’ve had a very long day, which means that Mama C had a very long day too.  Yesterday morning I got moved into my own room.  I’ve been a little fussy since I came upstairs but everyone thought I was doing really well.  My fever broke and all of the tests checking for an infection came back negative.  So, we moved all my stuff over and Mama C set up her new bed because she and Mommy are allowed to stay with me now.  In the afternoon Mommy finally got there too and before I knew it I was sleeping in my crib and she was sleeping on the new bed.  I don’t know what Mama C did then (because I was sleeping) but I think she went over to Mt. Sinai hospital across the street because that hospital has an Indigo and she wanted to buy some books to read while she’s hanging in my room.

Mommy realized that she had to leave and go and take my dog Ellie out because it had been a long time, so she said goodnight and it was just Mama C and I.  Our alone time didn’t last for very long because suddenly there was a knock on my door and in walked Auntie CC, Uncle Rico and my Thor!!  At this point I had started to not feel so good so I wasn’t very nice company, but Uncle Rico kept me nice and calm while Thor entertained me by playing with my toys and he also tried to help me go to sleep by shaking the Cookie Monster that he bought me over my head so that I had something to look at.  Soon visiting hours were over, but Uncle Rico decided that he would stay and hang out with me for a little longer so that Mama C could go and have some dinner.  It was nice to hang out with just him because we don’t get a lot of me and Uncle Rico time – I think we should do it more often.

Once Mama C had some dinner and Uncle Rico left, we tried to get settled in for the night, but that’s where things started going downhill.  I just kept feeling yuckier and yuckier.  At first I was sleeping for 2 hours and then I would wake up and just start crying and yelling.  Then, as the night got later I woke up more and more often until 5:30am arrived and I just started getting so upset and screaming.   Mama C and the nurse tried so hard to make me feel better – they changed my diaper, they gave me extra medications, we tried to snuggle but I was just so upset.  Finally another nurse and a doctor came in to see me and they decided that they didn’t like my colour (I was less pink at this time and more purple) and they especially didn’t like my screaming because they were already giving me lots of morphine and so if I was still in pain then something must be wrong.  So, the x-ray guy came upstairs and took some pictures and they saw that the fluid around my lungs that they found earlier (the reason I got the chest tube put in) was getting worse because my drain wasn’t working anymore.  As soon as they saw the x-ray picture, they figured that’s what was causing me to be so upset because I am just so uncomfortable with all of that extra weight in my chest.  Plus, on top of all of that fluid, I’m having some gas problems too so I just have so much stuff that’s stuck inside me.

I tried to be good all day because I had so many visitors: Gramma, Kristy and Victoria, my Theresa and then Mee Maw and Auntie Madison, but it just hurt too much.  So by the end of the afternoon, I would sleep for no more than 20 minutes and then be all upset again.  It would take Mama C a lot of time to help get me all settled again and then the cycle started again.  Finally a new doctor came in and took a look at my chest tube and saw that it was all kinked up under my skin.  They had hoped that they would just be able to play with it and make it work properly, but in the end it was too messed up.  The doctor decided to take me back down to the critical care unit and they did another quick surgery to take the tube out and put a new one back in. Before that happened, Mama C went home with Mee Maw and Auntie Madison so that she could get some sleep because I had kept her up so late (and she was really tired because she cried a few times today – she doesn’t normally do that).   They couldn’t put it back in the same place, so they had to make another hole.  When they were done, they wouldn’t bring me back to my own room but said I had stay in the Step Down room for tonight to make sure I’m doing okay.  Hopefully this means that I will sleep really well tonight and then go back to my own room tomorrow.

So yes, it’s been a really long day.  I hope tomorrow is better and that I start to really feel better soon.  I just didn’t like today at all.


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