A New Day

I’m going to tell you a little story.  Yesterday morning when they weighed me, I weighed 12.20lbs.  This morning, after having a new chest drain put in last night and draining all through the night, I weighed 11.5lbs – that’s more than 1/2 pound of fluid that was just sitting there on my chest yesterday and I’ve been draining more and more all day long.  No wonder I was such a mess yesterday!  The doctors are still pretty concerned with my breath sounds, because it still sounds and looks like I’m struggling to breath a bit because of all that fluid inside me.  And my chylothorax doesn’t seem to be getting better because what I’m draining from my chest cavity is still very milky looking instead of clear like it should be.  So, the sign on my wall still says that I’ll be here for at least 3 more days.  I know the mom’s are hoping that I’ll be home before the weekend, so I’m trying really hard to give them that, but they also keep saying that I just do stuff on my own time and that my extra chromosome just keeps getting in the way!

After my surgery last night Mommy went home because she couldn’t sleep in my room so she decided to sleep in her own bed.  She came back bright and early this morning and I was so happy to be so much lighter that I actually smiled for her! (Mama C says that it was just gas, but she wasn’t here to see it and I think she’s a bit jealous because I haven’t smiled for her yet – in fact, she says that I’m a big trickster because whenever Mommy is here by herself I’m really quiet and I sleep a lot but when Mama C is here by herself I’m a bit of a fusspot).   In fact, when Mama C came a little bit later (Mommy said that she needed to get some sleep because she looked like someone had punched her) she said that it was like being around an entirely different kid! I still cry a bit when I wake up because I remember that I have all of these uncomfortable tubes, but then I settle down nicely and am happy just to look at the person who’s hanging out next to me or to watch my mobile spin around and around.  Today, Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and I was so good for them the whole time! I only cried a little bit and that’s when the nurse came in and started poking me (they poke me a lot!).  Then Mommy left for a little bit and brought back my friend Patrick (and Mama C’s laptop), and then I got to meet new people! Mama C’s friends Andrea and Mark came by for a little visit and then even brought me a new friend, baby Alyssa, who is very cute (almost as cute as me!).  She was crying when she first came in because she was hungry and had just pooped all over herself and her car seat, but then her Mama Andrea fed her and we just chilled out together.

After everyone left, I realized that I had a very long and exciting day.  I had a nap after they gave me some medicine for my pain around 11am, but then I didn’t have another nap (I kept thinking the mom’s would notice, but they didn’t, so I stayed awake!) so by 7pm I was sooooo tired but I didn’t know how to fall asleep.  I wanted to so badly but I just kept waking myself up and crying and moving around and fussing and crying (it’s because Mama C is her by herself tonight).  Finally now it’s 10:30pm and I think that I’m finally ready to give in.  Hopefully this will be a nice long sleep, otherwise I might not be the only one crying when I wake up!


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