Can 2 be considered a streak?

I’ve had 2 good days in a row.  The mom’s are really happy about that.  Wednesday was absolutely my best day – I was in almost no pain, I was happy to just hang out and watch everything and I even smiled more than once!  I had some visitors – Grandma and Grandpa surprised me and so did my Theresa and all of them were really happy about how much better I looked.   I was even doing such a great job breathing that they took my oxygen nasal probes out just before I went to bed for the night.  I let Mama C sleep for almost a whole 6 hours (even though I had a bit of a rough period where my chest tube stopped draining and it got a little harder for me to breathe) before I woke her up because the nurses were giving me my morphine and I don’t really like the way it feels going into my veins.

I had a bit of a cranky morning and my oxygen levels dropped again, so the nurses had to turn up my oxygen again for a bit.  I also made my skin go all mottled, so they decided to send me for a chest x-ray to see if my tube is kinked worse than a few days ago or if the drains and not eating are actually working and the fluid is getting a little bit less.  I don’t really love getting chest x-ray’s done.  Most of the time they bring the x-ray machine up to me and I don’t have to move a lot, but today they wanted a really good picture so I had to go downstairs and sit in the tube.  I was very uncomfortable because the chest tubes were getting a bit squished but the nurses had given me a little extra morphine and I didn’t cry at all.  Mama C was so proud of me and told me that I was a rockstar (she’s been saying that a lot lately).

I had 2 more visitors today.  Jason came to see me in the morning and let Mama C take a break while he sat with me and sang me some songs.  He stayed until my cousin Connie showed up all the way from Brantford!  I had met her at the baby shower, but we didn’t really get a chance to hang out so it was fun to see her today – and she brought me some socks that she made!  She did come just after they gave me some morphine so I slept for most of her visit, but at least I wasn’t crying so obviously I was trying to make a good impression.

Mommy showed up later in the afternoon and all three of us hung out for a couple minutes before Mama C went home to take a nice long break.   I was a bit cranky for Mommy in the afternoon, but then she surprised me and brought out my bouncy chair!  Finally the nurse turned off my oxygen again and I’ve been doing much better and the oxygen has stayed off all night.  Hopefully this is a sign that I’m heading in the right direction but I guess we’ll know more when we see the doctor again tomorrow morning!


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