A True Lady

Once upon a time there was a dog and her name was Ellie.  Ellie and I had one big thing in common – we were both adopted by the mom’s because they knew we were the right fit for their family.   Ellie came to live with the mom’s on the very same day that they moved into our home.  They didn’t really plan on getting her, but as the story goes they saw a picture of her and fell in love – kinda like what happened with me.  So they drove to a far away place called Port Hope and met Ellie in person.  They knew that she was going to come home with them when she followed them all around even though they didn’t have any treats.  And when she got home she fit right in like she had always been there.  She staked out a spot under the tree by the front steps to sleep in the shade, she learned that the mom’s loved her best when she would nuzzle in (they called them her hugs) and most of all, she figured out that if you were sitting on her couch and she looked at you in just the right way, she could get anyone to move and let her get up instead.

But tonight, Ellie is gone.  The mom’s explained that over the summer Ellie hurt her leg and even though they tried to make it better and then give her lots of medicine to stop it from hurting, it was just hurting her too much.  She was having a lot of trouble with the stairs (she fell a few times), when she wanted to get up on her couch she couldn’t because it hurt too much to put weight on her leg, and her shoulder was just so big and swollen that they were just being selfish keeping her with us.  So, tonight I stayed with MeMa and the cat, and the mom’s took Ellie to the vet to say goodbye to her.  They’re both very sad, but Mama C is really really sad – she says that Ellie made her and Mommy a family.  I tried to help by smiling lots and lots today, and I even threw in an extra surprise and really giggled for the first time just so that they knew I loved them and that I’m going to miss my dog Ellie too – she was really good at cleaning my face.


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