Much Needed Sunshine

While my tiny giggle hasn’t turned into full out squeals of laughter yet, I have decided that it was time the real me, the smiley, happy, always content, can’t stop squirming me, made a grand reappearance.  After December being a bit of a wash out with colds and probably some funny brain stuff, and January being awful because of my new medicine, I realized that it had been too long since the mom’s (and everyone else) had seen what I can do.  This week I’m turning it on strong.

I’m determined to sit up.  I like the whole world a lot more when I’m sitting up – I can see things better, and kick my legs better and grab my feet easier.  But my arms still aren’t quite strong enough to help me get there.  But I’m determined.  Lately, I’ve been experimenting with trying to use every single muscle in my core to spring up into a sitting position.  Apparently it’s pretty funny because it makes the mom’s laugh and laugh and laugh.  If I’m being honest it probably does look pretty ridiculous, so I should probably just keep working on making my arms strong enough to help me, but trust me, if I can figure out a way to do this without my arms, I totally will.

I’ve also been so very happy – I just can’t stop smiling.  I love to hear the sound of my own name, and I love to see people’s faces smiling back at me.  And I really really love the sound of the mom’s laughing – it just cracks me up.  Tonight, it was our weekly dinner date night with Gramma and Pa and that was super fun too.  They hadn’t seen me so happy and lively since Thanksgiving, so I think it made them pretty happy to see how active and bouncy I am.

But the best part of the night was when Pa got to hold me for a really long time (he’s really comfy, it’s like he’s been holding kids for a lot of years!).  We got all settled in nicely and then he started to sing for me.  Mama C always told me that there were two things about Pa I needed to know: he sings really well (when he’s not just fooling around) and he gives the best hugs in the world.  I learned about the hugs a long time ago, and I’m glad to know now that she wasn’t lying about the singing either.


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