I’m the Big Girl Now

Do you know what’s really cool.  2 weeks ago there was this little person in my Auntie CC’s tummy.  He was real, but not real like Thor and I.  But then, on February 22nd, he decided that it was time to come out and play with us and the whole world got to meet my new cousin Oliverio Giorgio! Mama C was really lucky and got to be at the hospital with Auntie CC and Uncle Rico and she got to meet him right away.

The mom’s and I took a mini vacation to stay at Grandpa’s house so that we could get away from the city and just spend some time relaxing.  But as soon as we got back into the city, we went straight to Auntie CC and Uncle Rico’s house so that I could finally meet Baby Ollie too.  I have to admit that he’s pretty darn cute – I think he’s just about as cute as I am.  His big brother Thor loves him so much and it was so much fun to spend time with my two most favourite cousins. It’s just so crazy that I’m not the baby anymore – I’m the big cousin!


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