As you can see, Cookie Monster (who used to belong to my Uncle Geoffrey when he was little and at Sick Kids) and I are getting ready for bed. Now normally I like to try and stay up to play in my crib before I give the mom’s some peace but tonight I will be going right to sleep – and not just because I’ve had a pretty horrible cold – but because tomorrow is a very exciting day in our house. Tomorrow is Adoption Day!! Finally, after waiting for so so long the mom’s and me will go to the court house tomorrow where we will meet with a judge who will sign the adoption record that says that I (legally) am the daughter! Not that I wasn’t the daughter before but now I can have a birth certificate that says it too (and the mom’s keep talking about something called a bank account which sounds kind of cool). Everyone knew that the mom’s and I belong together but after tomorrow it will just be a fact. That’s pretty amazing.



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