A Little Change

With our little family starting the adoption process again and hopefully adding more members to our adventure, we decided that it was time to update the name because, while the adventures will keep being Lily’s for a while, eventually we hope that we’ll start getting them from someone else’s view as well.  So, from now on, you can find us here…. Giggle & Hugs Image


I have a question…

Guys, I have a question. What’s “escrow”? Because the mom’s have been dragging me out day after day to go see all of these homes that belong to other people and today they’re bouncing around saying that they’re in escrow. I have no clue what it means but I want to be excited too.



I don’t have a lot to report today.  Mommy took me out again this morning to another one of her schools.   I didn’t see a lot of her because all of these people just kept stealing me away but it was still a lot of fun.   I had a quick nap and then Mama C and I hung out and played around in between 2 really good naps.  But my favourite part of the day was when Mommy came home for a little bit and she and I got to hang out and snuggle on the couch.  She’s a really good snuggler.